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RISE Beyond is a boutique consultancy supporting organisations around the world with the challenge of effective collaboration. As a consultant and business development manager Megan works to support others RISE beyond beliefs and borders and work more effectively together.

Megan also speaks and works with other organisations such as World Merit, The Jump! Foundation, On Course International and more.

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Megan has started multiple initiatives over the years. She is currently a Co-Founder of Move The World (previously Awareness Through Dance) a company focussed on harnessing the power of creativity to build positive global citizens. She was also the founder of Dance London – a community network supporting dancers’ professional development. 


The story so far…

Passion. Purpose. Action

PASSION. Although excelling at school academically there was always something missing. I yearned for more. Dance had always been my way of expression and at 16 I decided to leave school and pursue my passion as a career. Although not without its challenges, dance was to provide me an international career that ultimately offered a platform on which I would discover my true purpose.

PURPOSE. By 21 I had achieved my dreams as a dancer and sought a new direction. I felt compelled to support the troubled industry which I had grown to love. I sought to provide a structure of support for the development of dancers; dedicated and passionate individuals yet plagued by self-criticism and anxiety. I decided to step into the unknown world of business and take action. I started two initiatives; ‘Dance London’, a professional and personal development support network and ‘Awareness Through Dance’ – a not-for-profit running international experiences for artists in Ghana.

ACTION. As I grew as a young business owner, I learnt a lot about myself and the complexity of the issues our world faces. I started to reach out and work with other companies and networks. I became a World Merit Fellow and increased my speaking and consulting with organisations around the world. My passion for transforming the lives of others continues to take me all over the world, working to inspire others by combining developmental theories with embodiment practices. 

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